Scots News · 2017-2018 Winter Sports Highlights

Peninsula Athletic League All League:


Girls Basketball:


Ashley Trierweiler – First Team


Catherine Dahlberg – Second Team


Victoria Mataele – Honorable Mention


Boys Basketball:


Sho Takahashi – Second Team


Seiya Mirande – Honorable Mention


Girls Soccer:  


Meagan Freeman – Freshman of the Year


Samantha Phan – First Team


Isabella Ravaglia – First Team


Angela Grundig – First Team


Meagan Freeman – Second Team


Rachel Amir Chatman – Second Team


Samantha Tolu –  Second Team


Alexis Eliopolous – Honorable Mention


Sophia Eaker – Honorable Mention


Boys Soccer:  


Jason del Cardayre – First Team


Zane VanArsdel – Second Team


Timothy Krassiev – Honorable Mention