Scots News · 2019 Signing Ceremony – Carlmont Graduating Seniors Headed to Collegiate Sports

Congratulations to the following Carlmont Senior Student-Athletes who are have excelled both academically and athletically.  Pictured from left to right:

Jesse Sanders – San Diego State University:  Soccer

Chiara Rigatuso – Sonoma State University :  Soccer

Kayla Gustafson – Whitman College:  Soccer

Sean Vanderaa – Lewis and Clark College:  Baseball 

David Bedrosian – Ponoma Pitzer:  Baseball 

Logan Snow – Menlo College:  Baseball 

Kathryn Stratz – University of Nevada, Reno:  Cheerleading

Ashley Trierweiler – University of Santa Clara:  Softball

Eimear Cunningham – Washington University, St. Louis:  Softball

Katie Hill – Willamette University, Washington:  Lacrosse

Not Pictured:

Sanni Karhiaho – Saint Martins University, Washington :  Softball 


Carlmont High School is very grateful and feels honored to have the opportunity to have made an impact in the lives of these student athletes. Over the past four years these seniors have been challenged, pushed and asked to make sacrifices and commitments in the classroom, on the field and in their communities.  On behalf of the Carlmont Community we appreciate all of the sacrifices you made to participate on our athletic teams and we wish you best of luck in the future.