Coed Varsity Badminton · Badminton is victorious in 2 matches last week

Carlmont Badminton’s continued efforts since last year shows through their first games this season, going 10-6 vs. Aragon and 11-5 vs. Menlo-Atherton in the opening week.
The team’s #1 boy’s singles, Ethan Hsu, grabbed everyone’s attention in a close game facing off against Menlo-Atherton’s #1 Will Wang. Their total score throughout all three sets ending up only 2 points apart out of the nearly 60 each player earned. Their rematch at Carlmont in less than a month is highly anticipated.
Carlmont’s girls #1 and #2, Elise Hsu and Micah Cheng, continue to demonstrate their skills with consecutive decisive victories. Many are eager to see their future matches against other top players.
Meanwhile, girls singles Amisha Nambiar and Katelyn Gambarin, and boys singles Ethan Liu, Garrett Maslyar, Ethan Chan, Chris Wong, Timothy Nguy, and Jake Sales continue to secure victories for Carlmont.
At Menlo-Atherton, Keegan Balster also secured a ladder victory in place of another player who could not make it to the game, while Timothy Nguy played an immensely close match taking up a spot higher on the ladder for the team who enthusiastically cheered him on.
In both games, Sanjna Sood stepped in for absent ladder players, winning a very close match at Menlo-Atherton.
All of Carlmont Badminton’s players have stepped up in their matches, with any defeat being close as players step in for teammates who are unable to play due to extenuating circumstances. Spirits are high, and Carlmont Badminton is looking strong.